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Expenses and Housing


The current tuition rate is 60,000 RMB (around US $9100) per academic year. This does not cover costs of room and board, books and course materials, medical care services, field trip related expenses and other personal expenses.


Numerous merit-based financial support programs are available, and MSF students frequently apply for and are often awarded these scholarships and fellowships to offset educational costs associated with tuition and living expenses. A list of such programs is provided here:

  • MSF students are encouraged to apply for National Scholarship and RUC Scholarships.
  • We provide TA opportunities to at most 12 students every year on a competitive basis. The selected students are required to conduct 1-year (2-semester) oral English teaching for sophomores, with 3 hours per week. One-year tuition (60,000 RMB) is waived entirely for TA.
  • When enrollment reaches 30, the School of Finance will set up fellowships for students (up to 10% of total enrollment, and must also participate in the TA program). And all the students who obtain neither TA opportunities nor fellowships can win HP Scholarship (20% of tuition fee).


On-campus dormitory is available in Renmin University of China, with the price ranging from $300 to $390 per month, depending on amenities and payment arrangements.