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Application Process

Applications are accepted only for the fall term. The application will be open on March 1st and closed on June 30th. Applicants don’t need to pay the application fee, as the fee waiver is provided by the School of Finance.

Applicants should send the following materials to the School of Finance of RUC no later than June 30th, including:

  • Two copies of the Bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • Completed application form in hard copy with photo and signature.
  • Electronic version will be accepted for expediency in processing, but must be followed by a hard Copy.
    (Downloading application form: Application_Form)
  • Personal statement, including study and working experience, academic research achievement, study and research plan, etc.
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions. Applicants from non-native English countries are required to submit a copy of their transcript(s) along with a certified English translation.
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons in a position to judge the applicant’s suitability for graduate study in finance.
  • Four personal recent certificate photos.
  • Copies of published academic papers, rewards and other research achievements.
  • Proof of English language ability (TOFEL, IELTS or other international certificated English tests). Applicants who gain Bachelor’s degrees from English speaking countries don’t need to provide this certificate.
  • Scholarship form (optional). Applicants who want to be considered for a scholarship must submit the Scholarship Application Form with their application materials. (Downloading application form: Renmin_Scholarship_Application_Form)
  • All supporting documentation must be mailed directly to the following address:
    •      Ms. Guo Ying
    •      MSF Admission Administrator
    •      Master of Science in Finance International Program
    •      School of Finance, Renmin University of China,
    •      No. 59, Zhongguancun St., Haidian Dist., Beijing 100872 P. R. China
    •      Tel: +86 10-8250 9260    Fax:+86 10-8250 9261
    •      E-mail:
  • Materials examination: the School of Finance will examine the application materials submitted by applicants.
  • Interview: applicants who pass the material examination process organized by the School of Finance.
  • Admission: determine the admission by interview performance and application materials of the applicants.
  • Enrollment: after getting the admission qualification, applicants should register at International Students Office of Renmin University of China in set time, conduct enrollment procedure and pay tuition.

Any questions about these procedures can be addressed to .