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MSF program

The Master of Science in Finance International Program (MSF) was established in September 2010 and is running well and highly reviewed. The program depends on the academic advantages and training experience of the School of Finance, and offers oversea tudents-who are interested in understanding China's financial conditions and problems but do not yet have a good basis of Chinese language-an opportunity to comprehensively understand Chinese culture, economy and finance. The program completely covers China's financial industry including banking, securities and insurance.

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Duration of MSF Program

The duration of MSF Program is 2 years.

  • Year 1: Course study on compus;
  • Year 2: The second year will be devoted to research projects for the thesis and internship.

Objectives of MSF Program

The program seeks to give students´╝Ü

  • Comprehensively understanding of Chinese culture;
  • Comprehensively understanding of institutional basis, the policy system, institutions and organizations systems, business model and the direction of development with respect to Chinese economy and financial;
  • Communication skills with China's financial industry;
  • Research skill in Chinese economy and finance;
  • Practical ability to engage in services relative to China's financial industry.

Characteristics of the MSF program

Courses of the program will be lectured by professors with overseas study experience, government official and industry experts in English. The language of instruction and administration in the MSF Program is English.

Each Student in the program works directly with a Renmin University faculty member, who is responsible for assisting the student in pursuit of his/her area of particular interest.

The program strengthens the practice links and pay attention to the cultivation of professional ethics.

Training directions of the program

  • Financial Theory and Policy
  • Banking Management
  • Security Investment
  • International Finance

Degree Requirements


To gain the degree diploma and graduation certificate, students should complete at least 31 total credits including 22 required courses credits, 8 elective courses credits and 1 credit for professional internship. The master thesis does not credit, but student have to pass the thesis defense.

Public Courses

  • Chinese Culture (2 c)
  • Basic Level of Chinese (3 c)

Required Courses

  • Financial Mathematics (2 c)
  • Financial Econometrics (2 c)
  • Modern Chinese Economy (2 c)
  • Venture Investment (2 c)
  • Chinese capital market and investment (3 c)
  • Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance in China (3 c)
  • Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy in China (3 c)

Elective Courses

  • Investment Environment and Chinese Taxation System (2 c)
  • Fiscal Theory and China Fiscal Policy (2 c)
  • Risk Management of Chinese Financial Institutions (2 c)
  • International Finance and RMB Exchange Rate (2 c)
  • China's Financial Law (2 c)

Elective courses can also be chosen in postgraduate courses offered by Full English programs of other schools of Renmin University of China.

Social Practice (1 credit)

Students should make a one-month academic inspection or investigation in financial institutions in China, and then finish investigation reports.

Master thesis (non-credit)

After finishing the training scheme, students should finish the master thesises under their advisers' direction. The patterns of the thesis can be theoretical research, investigation report, case analysis and project, etc.

Extracurricular Activities

We strive to offer students the best possible experience through various approaches. For example, we currently offer:

Field Trips

Rich and varied field trips can promote understanding of the state and characteristics of the Chinese firms, industries and economy. It will also benefit students who wish to work in China after graduation. At present we offer students opportunities to visit:

  • Commercial banks, esp. the state-owned corporations;
  • Securities companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions;
  • Industrial corporations;
  • Scientific & technical corporations;
  • Financial regulation sectors, etc.

Guest Speaker Program & Seminar

The MSF Guest Speaker Programs expose students to ideas from other academic institutions. Students will also have a unique opportunity to listen to and learn from the latest information from the famous professionals in the industry.

Moreover, we currently hold a seminar (or tea party) once a month to exchange ideas, gather program suggestions, promote mutual understanding, and advance further cooperation.

Additional Activities

We also devise many interesting activities to enrich the student's lives in China.

  • We host an Oral English Competition for undergraduate classes the TAs teach every year.
  • On weekends and holidays, we often organize teachers and students to visit resorts in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, etc, to appreciate the charms of Chinese culture.